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Chloe Tries to Hide Her Stinky Diaper

Duration: 5:37 Views: 4.9K Submitted: 3 weeks ago Submitted by:
Description: Baby Chloe is sitting on the floor, happily playing with her favorite toys. She is such a good little girl, but sometimes, she concentrates so hard on playing that she doesn’t notice when she has to go potty. This is why her Step-Mommy makes sure her little girl is always securely diapered. Today, Step-Mommy checks on Chloe and she knows something is going on. She asks Chloe to stand up, but the little baby girl suddenly becomes shy and doesn’t want to. Finally, Chloe stands up, but she is nervously pulling her skirt down, trying to keep Step-Mommy from seeing her diaper. Step-Mommy says she smells something, but Little Chloe tells her she doesn’t smell anything! “Are you sure it’s ME, Step-Mommy?” Step-Mommy tells Chloe to turn around, but she doesn’t want to. Finally, she reluctantly obeys. Oh NO! Step-Mommy can see her little girl’s diaper is VERY dirty! Chloe tells Step-Mommy that she can’t help it; she’s just a baby, and she NEEDS her diapers. Then, she asks her if she still loves her, even when she has stinky diapers. Of course, she does, but Chloe knows she needs to tell Step-Mommy when she has dirty diapers and needs to be changed. Step-Mommy decides Chloe needs to learn a lesson and has her sit in the corner. Looks like this little girl isn’t ready to be out of her diapers!