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Punished for Shoplifting: A Week In Diapers

Duration: 18:19 Views: 5.6K Submitted: 3 weeks ago Submitted by:
Description: Fae's Step-Mom has caught her shoplifting and has decided to take a rather unconventional approach to disciplining her step-daughter. Fae has two options: being turned in to the police or a very humiliating diaper punishment. Of course, Fae chooses the latter as she doesn't want to be arrested for her illegal acts. To really drive the punishment home, Fae has been instructed to make a daily blog-style video to talk about her experiences while she wears her humiliating baby outfits. Fae is to show the camera her (5 different) diapers and talk about peeing and messing her diapers for the first time as an adult. On the last day, Fae is so diaper dependent that she wets her diaper while she's standing up to show it to you! If Fae's Step-Mom EVER catches her shoplifting again, she threatens to make the video go viral. Now that's a punishment!