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Chloe is Trapped in Play Pen and Messes Her Diaper

Duration: 6:39 Views: 3.4K Submitted: 3 weeks ago Submitted by:
Description: Chloe is in her playpen, dressed in thick diapers and bondage mittens. She is frustrated and sad. It’s bad enough that Step-Mommy makes her wear diapers, but now Chloe has to wear those thick, padded mittens! Chloe knows she has accidents sometimes, and she admits she shouldn’t have taken her diaper off the other day. She really didn’t MEAN to pee on the couch! But no matter how much Chloe claims she’s a big girl, Step-Mommy knows the truth; Chloe wets the bed, and there were those times at school… And that time at the store… And the other day in the car. So now, Step-Mommy has taken precautions- those thick bondage mittens ensure that Chloe won’t be able to take her diapers off! Suddenly, Chloe starts to panic. Oh NO! Not that! Chloe really has to go potty, and in desperation, she bites one of the mittens in an attempt to pull it off with her teeth. She begs her Step-Mommy to take Chloe’s diaper off and let her use the big girl potty! But it’s too late. Chloe suddenly freezes in place, and with a soft grunt, she gives up and fills her diaper. Chloe cries to her Step-Mommy that she had a messy accident. The poor little girl is SO uncomfortable and stinky! Chloe begs to be changed and promises she won’t take her diapers off anymore. Looks like this baby girl is going to be in diapers for a LONG time!