Ogler Tube Upload Guideline

As of 04/20/2021 we are changing the way categories work on Ogler Tube. We will no longer have duplicate gender specific categories.
Instead we will have one category for each content type and people will be able to filter the content based on what they want using checkboxes.

As we are migrating everything slowly to the new method. This is what you need to search for at the categories section when you're uploading a video:

[Action Type]
[Content Type]

Do not use the old categories that have the category type in brackets. Example: [ABDL] Female Pooping Nude... Instead use the following categories (Yes, all 5 or more if required):

[Gender] Female
[Sexuality] Solo (Or whatever is appropriate - Note that sexuality does not mean the actors sexuality. Only what the content is [so if its female on female it'd be considered lesbian])
[Action Type] ABDL Pooping
[Nudity] Nude
[Content Type] Real

Please make sure to only select the appropriate categories for sorting reasons. If you have any questions please use the contact form by clicking support on the footer section below.

Edit: 04/20/2021 1869 CST
We are working on simplifying the upload page to make it easier. However, for now. Please follow these guidelines. Otherwise your video will not be published. All the old categories were removed so it should help you to make the correct decision.
Tip: When you're choosing categories look at this page and follow the order so you don't miss anything.