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About us

1-About Ogler Tube.

Ogler Tube launched back on July 12th, 2018. The aim of the website was and still is to provide the best ABDL content for free. There were a few sites that are still online but they were poorly minted, clattered with ads and they had no vision to try to grow. It seemed like they made the sites to gain traffic and generate revenue. Ogler Tube changed that when we launched. We went through a few different scripts. The first one was YouPHPTube it was great because it was a free, however, the author of the script decided to ban the site so it was no longer possible to upload videos. We got banned because the author did not agree with how we were using the script.

Later on we moved to PHPVibe it was a great alternative and cheap. Unfortunately, the authors of that script abandoned it. So we looked into getting a newer script. We did fine one it was very expensive, we purchased it but we never ended up using it because it didn't have a lot of the functions that we needed to make this work. So we stayed with PHPVibe till May 5th, 2019. That's when we upgraded the script that we are currently using now! It has a lot of functionality and the design is modern. There are no bugs like the previous site had and it's much faster! We have also launched a social network site for the ABDL community on May 5th.