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Earning with IABDL

When you earn with iABDL we take the following commissions:
Selling Videos: 20% +4% to account for PayPal fees (as of December 17th, 2019)
Subscriptions: 10% +4% to account for PayPal fees (as of December 17th, 2019)
Also, please remember that this is before PayPal fees. Which can be found HERE
So your payout will be whatever you earn - commission - PayPal fees.
PayPal takes fees when we receive the money from people (ads, subscriptions, video sales) and it costs us to send you the money that you've earned. So keep that in mind.
Basically what we're saying is account your prices with PayPal fees. So if you want to make $1.00 per sub sell it for around $2.20.
If you have any questions please email support@iabdl.com.


In the event of a chargeback we will need to remove the charge backed funds from your account. The person or persons that initiated the chargeback, regardless of the reason will be permanently banned from the Nextgath Network; that means they'll be banned from iABDl, ABDLBook, any other websites that we control and or own and any future projects that we start.

Different between video price and subscribe price

Video Price: Video price is a way to sell your videos for a set price point the purchaser will have indefinite access to that video. A preview video will be automatically generated so people can have a "sneak peak".
Subscribe Price: Subscribe price is a way to rent out your videos for a monthly fee. All of the videos will be locked from public access and users must make the payment in order to gain access to your videos. No video previews will be generated.

Why was the commission increased?

Commission Increase Date: December 17th, 2019.
Commission Increased By: 4%

We've been losing money when we we're paying out earnings. So for each $5.00 that was paid PayPal took approx 0.51 cents. Our minimum payout requirement is $50.00. So for each 10 people that subbed we lost $5.00 in revenue to keep up the server. [Basically all of our commission went to cover the costs and a few extra cents]. Since hosting is expensive we had to increase the percentage by 4 percent. (We can't use decimal points so we increased the rate to the nearest whole number). If you have any questions feel free to contact us by emailing support@iabdl.com.